What is the "Discover your Life Purpose" Programme?

"Discover your Life Purpose" is a blend of private Holistic Coaching & Healing sessions supported with a self-paced 8 Module Online Learning Programme. It's designed to help you uncover who you are and why you're here so you can live a passionate, meaningful life. The course also includes mind-body-soul healing tools, spiritual practices, self-enquiry,  journal prompts and support calls. A variety of pricing packages have been created so you may select your preferred level of ongoing support.


How long will it take to complete?

Discovering your life purpose is a journey that's best not rushed. The deepest insights arise when given time and space so the programme is structured to take at your own pace. Please note that a 12 month time limit has been set to provide you motivation to complete the course and start living your best life.

My package comes with additional services, when can I book these?

You can book these additional services at any time: before, during or after completing the programme. Simply log into your account then book online. Please note that all services must be booked within 12 months from package purchase as unused services do not roll over.

How do I book my next Holistic Coaching & Healing session?

After meeting with me for your Holistic Coaching & Healing session you'll be sent an invitation to complete the accompanying online module. Read through the content, take time to practice the tools and answer the questions. When you feel ready to move on, simply log into your account to book your next Holistic Coaching & Healing session from the Services menu. Members of any package may purchase additional Holistic Coaching & Healing sessions if desired.

Is this a recurring payment?

No, these packages are a one-off payment that give you access to the services included in your package for 12 months. Packages do not auto-renew. Unused services do not roll over.

What are your qualifications?

I have formal qualifications in a range of areas including an Advanced Diploma in Holistic Counselling & Meditation Therapy, Diploma in Visual Arts, Bachelor of Business, and Master Teacher level of Usui Reiki Ryoho. But most of all I have heart, I care about supporting you to reach your full potential so you can live a happy and fulfilling life!

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Rachael B

Before taking this programme I had a huge feeling of being emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed. Charisse provided a safe place to speak where there was no judgement, and helped me identify what was most important to me. 


I found the programme informative and enlightening, it opened up my mind and I experienced new things. I had never sat down before and really tried to understand “me”, I now believe in myself again! I feel emotionally stronger and more equipped to manage life and its challenges. I couldn’t be any more thankful!