The thing about meditation is: you become more and more you.

David Lynch

Learn to Meditate

About this Class

Meditation is a powerful practice that will help you connect to your soul, and therefore understand yourself and engage more fully with life.


Learning to meditate is one of the greatest skills you can learn to counter the negative effects of stress and illness. Even more so, having a steady meditation practice can help you discover a deep sense of inner peace and comfort as you get to know yourself at a more profound level.

There are a number of meditation styles with different techniques and suitability. Choosing a meditative practice that suits your personal preferences will help you fall in love with your practice, increasing your desire to continue with it. With daily practice we begin to see the that the benefits of meditation are carried into the rest of our day. 


As a fully trained Meditation Teacher working closely with you in this private and personalised class, I can provide you with meditation options so you can choose a style that you love, and begin to experience the many benefits that regular meditation brings. 

Suitable for those who are new to meditation, or those who have been meditating for a while and would like to refine their practice. Come along and see how enjoyable meditation can be! 

This Class is for You if:

  • You want private, 1:1 lessons.

  • You have never meditated before, and you'd like to learn.

  • You have meditated and not enjoyed it, and would like to try other styles.

  • You want to experience the many health benefits that meditation brings.

  • You want to grow your spiritual connection.

  • You have a desire to know the deepest part of yourself.

  • You want to experience more peace in your daily life.

  • You are looking for an excellent stress management tool.

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Silence is not the absence of something,
but the presence of everything.

Gordon Hempton