Angels of Light

Though you may feel overwhelmed and burdened by stressful events in your life, please know that you never have to do it all on your own. We are all supported by divine beings who are ready to help us the moment we ask. But we do have to ask!

Amongst our team of spiritual support are Angels. There are many levels of angels, each with different roles to fulfil, and they rejoice in helping us navigate our lives more peacefully and lovingly. They will never impose on our free will and are therefore unable to step in to help us until we ask. Asking for help isn’t a complicated process, simply thinking “help!” is enough to give them permission to intervene.

Everybody in the whole world has their own personal Guardian Angels who guide, support and protect us in life.

Angels Act As Messengers Of Divine Will

Angels are sent to inspire and motivate us to better understand the spiritual nature of our lives and the universe. They guide us to experience oneness by helping us to feel our connection with everyone and everything in the universe. Realising our oneness promotes more compassion towards others. From their higher perspective angels can see the ‘big picture’ and will offer guidance that benefits not just us as individuals, but the collective. They also inspire us to act in ways that will benefit the whole.

Angels Act As Our Guardians

Angels also protect and provide for us. Many people have shared experiences where lives have been saved, danger has been averted, or a message has been delivered by an angel. We can even ask the angels to ensure our physical and emotional needs are provided for, guiding us in the right direction and synchronistically lining us up with the right people, places and time. It’s important to note that angels won’t just drop your requests into your lap. Instead they will guide you to take certain actions that will put you in the path of your desires. It’s up to you to follow their guidance!

What Do Angels Look Like?

Angels are often portrayed in artwork as strikingly beautiful beings, dressed in long flowing robes, with large white wings and a halo around their heads. This is a symbolic, humanised representation of an angel. In art their beauty represents their divine perfection, their wings represent messages from higher consciousness and the halo represents their connection to God through the crown chakra.

Angels exist on a higher energetic level than humans so they don’t have a physical form, though they will present themselves in this way if they think it will help you to accept their presence and message.

Angels are made of love and light energy. Rather than appearing to you as a 3-dimensional being, you are most likely to experience them as light and colour, sound, aroma, vibrations and physical sensations in your body. Their presence, though powerful can also be very subtle!

Calling On Angels For Help

You can call on angels to help you with every aspect of your life. There are angels of protection, angels of compassion, angels of creativity, angels of communication, angels of abundance, angels of change, angels of learning, angels of healing… there are angels for absolutely everything you may need help with!

To call on an angel for support simply think “angels please help me with xyz”. It’s really that simple!

Angels are divine beings who are easily able to be in many places, helping many people at once. Their ability to do this means you never have to worry that by asking for help you’re taking an angel away from someone else in need.

They want to help us and are only a thought away, so call on them to help you with anything - big or small. The angels want to help us reach higher states of consciousness, they know that by helping the ‘individual’ they’re freeing us up to focus on ‘the collective’.

Connecting To Your Own Angels

You can build a stronger connection with your personal Guardian Angels by talking to them often, just as you would a good friend. Ask them for help when you wake up in the morning, throughout the day, and thank your spiritual team before you go to bed. Begin to pay attention to your dreams as this is another way your angels may connect with you and bring you messages. The more that you talk to them, the more you will get to know their presence.

The best way to connect to your spiritual team is to make time to regularly meditate. You need the quiet space between your thoughts in order to sense your angels and their guidance. Ask your Guardian Angels to introduce themselves to you, ask their names and what they are helping you with. You may ask for a message and they’ll communicate their guidance to you.

You will need to be open and receptive, allowing all your clair-senses to activate: clairvoyance - seeing, clairaudience - hearing, clairsentience - feeling, claircognizance - knowing, and the less common clairambience - tasting, and clairalience - smelling.

Sensing Your Guardian Angels

After you quietly meditate you’re in a great state to sense your angels. Remember that you’re not likely to see a 3D, larger-than-life angel before you who clearly chats away to you! It is much more subtle than that. Your angels will use a combination of your senses to communicate with you, so use all of your clair-senses to build yourself a full picture.

You may sense your angels through a combination of the following ways:

Vibrations and physical sensations in the body

Perhaps a rush of heat in your body, tingles, energy moving in your aura, goosebumps, a breeze, hands on your shoulders, butterflies in your tummy.


You may feel great joy, love, a deep sense of peace, or a feeling of protection.

Sound and thoughts

In your thoughts or less commonly with your physical ears, you may ‘hear’ your angels speaking to you. They may pop a song into your head. You may ‘hear’ harps or other divine sounds. You may have thoughts that ‘sound’ like they’re in another voice.

Visual images

Using your minds’ eye or physical eyes, you may ‘see’ swirling lights or sparks of light. You may ‘see’ an image of an angel. You may ‘see’ colours.

Using Discernment

It’s important to always use your discernment when listening out for your angels. Your angels will never tell you to do anything that would harm yourself or another.

If you ever feel uneasy in your body; or uncomfortable, fearful, anxious, sad or angry with a vision or thought - trust yourself and know this is not coming from your angels. Your ego may be bringing you fear based information, or a lower vibrational being may be trying their luck with you. If you feel like you need support, call on the protection of your Guardian Angels, or Archangel Michael and they will instantly be there for you.

Developing your relationship with your Guardian Angels is well worth the effort, and I encourage you to keep trying to connect with your angels regularly. They will find ways to get through to you!

You can even ask them to help you raise your vibration to make communication easier, of course then you need to follow those nudges - perhaps they will guide you to make improved nutritional choices, or to spend more time in nature, or to engage in some physical or creative activity. You’ll get nudges in which action to take, but it’s up to you to actually take the action!

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