Connecting With Your Pets In Spirit

Follow this exercise if you would like to connect with your pets in spirit. Learn their Energetic Signature so that you can always feel when they are connecting with you.

This exercise may take a few attempts. You may well up with emotion the first few times as you remember your beloved pet and feel the ache of loss. If this should happen, just let it. It is cathartic to move through these emotions surrounded by the loving white light of God. Your pets will always be there when you call them, you can try again another day.

1. Begin by finding a quiet place to relax and get centred in your body. Ground your energy into Mother Earth and draw her nurturing energy up through the Earth and slowly up your body. Send your energy up and out your Crown Chakra with the intention of connecting with The Creator and allow Source Energy to rain down on you in a protective, white, sparkly shower of light. Know that you are divinely protected. You may like to ask your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to help you connect to your pet in spirit.

2. Placing your hands on your heart, bring your attention to your heart space and hold the intention of connecting with your pet in spirit. Begin to remember them. Think about all of the funny things they used to do, all the cuddles and love they used to give you, what their fur felt like, what their cute faces looked like, the sounds they used to make, the smell of their fur. Hold their memory as clear as you can and feel your heart expanding with the love that you shared.

3. Once your heart is beaming with love, send the thought out to them that you’d like to connect. Invite them into your space. Ask them to come close to you so that you may feel their energy signature. Their energy signature may come to you as a tingly feeling in a certain part of your body, or as an image or symbol that appears in your minds eye. Energy can be subtle, take some time to feel it out.

4. Thank your pet and ask them to withdraw their energy. Feel it dissipate, then ask them to bring it back. This is how you will begin to notice what their energy signature feels like.

5. Once you have ascertained what your pets special energy signature feels like, you may like to sit with the sensations and send your pet love and gratitude for making this connection with you. You may then begin a conversation with them remembering to give them space to respond. Your pet will love this time with you as much as you do.

6. When you are ready, say your “see you laters” knowing that you can connect with your pet again at any time! Thank your pets, angels and guides.

7. Take a few deep breaths as you bring your full awareness back into your body, into the here and now. Wriggle your fingers and toes and slowly open your eyes.

What does your pet’s energy signature feel like?

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With love and gratitude,