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How To Heal Your Crown Chakra

This is the seventh in a series of posts about the 7 main Chakras. The Crown Chakra deals with the life themes of spiritual connection, humanitarianism and selflessness. Read on to discover simple ways that you can begin to heal an imbalanced Crown Chakra.

Reiki aims to balance and align all of your chakras, so that energy can flow freely between them and you can return to your natural state of health and wellbeing.

Crown Chakra

Also known as Sahasrara in Sanskrit. The Crown Chakra vibrates at the colour Violet, White or Gold and is located at the top of the head. This chakra deals with the life themes of spiritual connection, humanitarianism and selflessness. It manages our ability to connect to higher sources and enables us to have wisdom and understanding of ourselves and the universe, of the seen and the unseen.

Our connection to the divine through this chakra helps us to experience a feeling of one-ness, and connection to all humanity. Life becomes more about serving others which brings a depth of meaning and purpose to life.

Emotional Issues: Inspiration, understanding, spirituality.

Physical areas of the body: Brain, skull, nervous system, pineal gland.

Extra sense: Claircognizance - clear knowing. Your extra sensory information may come to you as a knowing.

Imbalanced: If your Crown Chakra is out of balance you will struggle with a deeper understanding of the world, and will feel disconnected spiritually. This can manifest as having rigid ideas, a lack of purpose and excessive fear of death. You may feel anger towards God. You may not feel a connection to a higher power. Similar to a Third Eye Chakra imbalance it can be expressed through headaches, sleep disorders, brain tumours, stroke, hormonal imbalance, poor concentration and lack of memory. It can also show up as chronic exhaustion as you close your connection to Source energy. Problems can arise with areas governed by the Crown Chakra listed above.

Balanced: A balanced Crown Chakra will have you feeling energised and inspired with a deeper understanding and faith in life.

Crown Chakra Healing Methods

To heal the Crown Chakra we need to address our ability to connect to Source. Working towards releasing limiting beliefs through meditation, counselling, forgiveness, or energy healing methods such as Reiki and chakra healing, can really help heal this chakra.

Here are a few other suggestions, remember to hold the intention for healing and perform the activity mindfully:

Colour The colour Violet is associated with the Crown Chakra. Often the colour White is used for this chakra too, as this chakra is our connection to All-That-Is, and white contains all the colours of the light spectrum. White is also a colour of purity and spirituality. You may choose whichever colour you feel drawn to. Wearing white during meditation may help you clear your mind. Performing yoga on a violet mat may help you connect mind-body-spirit.

Activities Run a bath with a few drops of Lavender Oil, surround yourself with white candles and meditate in silence. Create a space for your spiritual practice and decorate it with crystals, candles, flowers and anything special to you. Perform an act of selfless service. Affirmative Prayer - surrender your problems to a higher power and trust they will be answered. Meet up with other spiritually-minded souls. Enjoy the view from a mountain top to feel more connected to a higher power.

Mantra As you sit in meditation you may chant the mantra AUM. This is the Bija Mantra of the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Alternatively the sound is SILENCE as it is considered the “space after AUM”. Sitting in silence will allow you to connect to this chakra and focus your healing intention upon it.

Affirmations Create your own positively framed affirmation that is specific to your issues. Chant it during meditation or throughout your day. Some examples may be “I am connected”, “I am filled with the unconditional love of the Universe”, “I am divinely supported”.

Food As with the Third Eye Chakra, eating purple food such as plums, cherries, blueberries, dark berries, purple cabbage and aubergine will help this chakra. Think ‘brain food’ and eat foods high in Omega 3s - try a banana blueberry smoothie and throw in some walnuts, chia seeds and flaxseeds for extra Omega 3. Ideally food should be organic and locally produced to maintain the highest frequency.

Crystals Clear Quartz, Selenite, and Amethyst are great for healing your Crown Chakra and are readily available at crystal shops. Each crystal has it’s own unique healing properties so it’s worth looking into each one to find the crystal that will work best with your particular issues.

As discussed in my post The Importance of a Healthy Chakra System, having an unhealthy chakra system is detrimental not only to your physical state, but also to your spiritual, mental and emotional states. It is therefore important to consider your chakras as a beautifully orchestrated system.

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