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How To Heal Your Heart Chakra

This is the fourth in a series of posts about the 7 main Chakras. The Heart Chakra deals with the life themes of unconditional love and connection to others. Read on to discover simple ways that you can begin to heal an imbalanced Heart Chakra.

You can do so much to help yourself by easily incorporating chakra balancing and healing into your daily life.

Heart Chakra

Also known as Anahata in Sanskrit. The Heart Chakra vibrates at the colour Green and is located in the centre of the chest. This chakra deals with the life themes of unconditional love and connection to others. It manages our ability to be generous and compassionate.

Having a balanced Heart Chakra allows us to give love, receive love and be loving in our thoughts, words and actions. The Heart Chakra is intimately connected to our Palm Chakras in our hands, and is what allows Energy Healers to share heart-centred healing with you.

Emotional Issues: Love, giving and receiving, forgiveness, compassion.

Physical areas of the body: Heart, upper back, circulatory system, thymus, lungs, breasts, shoulders, immune system.

Extra sense: Clairsentience - clear feeling. Your extra sensory information may come to you as a feeling, an emotion.

Imbalanced: If your Heart Chakra is out of balance you will struggle with issues around loving yourself and others, or have difficulty relating to other people. This can manifest as feelings of resentment and anger towards past relationships. There will be no sense of inner-peace. You may feel stuck in grief. It can be expressed through being impatient, unforgiving, holding grudges, a disregard for animals, being selfish, not sharing. You may not fully give your heart in relationships for fear of being hurt. An imbalance may have you expressing a ‘conditional’ form of love - “I love you if…”, “I love you when…”. You may experience problems such as heart disease, breast cancer, asthma, pneumonia and other issues with areas governed by the Heart Chakra listed above.

Balanced: A balanced Heart Chakra will have you feeling generous, loving and peaceful.

Heart Chakra Healing Methods

To heal the Heart Chakra we need to address our relationship with ourselves and others. We have all experienced heartbreak at some point, but the truth is that any experience that was emotionally hurtful will have an impact on our Heart Chakra.

Counselling, forgiveness, meditation, or energy healing methods such as Reiki and chakra healing, can really help resolve limiting beliefs and heal this chakra.

Here are a few other suggestions, remember to hold the intention for healing and perform the activity mindfully:

Colour The colour green is associated with the Heart Chakra. In addition to green, a pale pink colour is often used in healing. Wear these colours - a green shirt will remind you to approach life with an open heart. A snuggly pale pink blanket may provide loving comfort and teach you to receive love. Fill a vase with pink Roses - as they bloom imagine your Heart Chakra opening just as naturally and beautifully.

Activities Do things that open your heart and allow you to give and receive love. Smile at everyone you encounter. Send a bouquet of pale pink roses to a friend as an act of unconditionally giving love. Cuddle your pets and your children - there is so much unconditional love to give and receive. Give heartfelt compliments - including to yourself. Help someone in need. Join a cause you feel passionate about and give your time and energy freely. Practise forgiveness to find inner-peace, this is an act of self-love. Forgive yourself - you have done the best you could from the place you were at. Start or end your day with an entry in your gratitude journal. Look for hearts in nature - the shape of leaves, the knot in a tree, a cloud.

Mantra As you sit in meditation you may chant the mantra YAM. This is the Bija Mantra of the Base Chakra and will allow you to connect to this chakra and focus your healing intention upon it.

Affirmations Create your own positively framed affirmation that is specific to your issues. Chant it during meditation or throughout your day. Examples you could use are “I forgive others, and I forgive myself”, “I love, I am loved, I am loving”, “I love and accept myself completely”.

Food Eating green food such as green capsicum, broccoli, beans, and apples will help this chakra. Ideally it should be organic and locally produced to maintain the highest frequency. Enjoy a green smoothie - blitz banana, pineapple, mango and baby spinach with coconut water. Eating a meal that you have prepared with great love is healing to all who eat it. Lovingly bake treats for your friends, kids or your pets.

Crystals Rose Quartz, Amazonite and Green Fluorite are great for healing your Heart Chakra and are readily available at crystal shops. Each crystal has it’s own unique healing properties so it’s worth looking into each one to find the crystal that will work best with your particular issues.

As discussed in my post The Importance of a Healthy Chakra System, having an unhealthy chakra system is detrimental not only to your physical state, but also to your spiritual, mental and emotional states. It is therefore important to consider your chakras as a beautifully orchestrated system.

Discover tools to help you support all your chakras together in my Heal Your Chakras Now post.

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With love and gratitude, Charisse