The Importance of a Healthy Chakra System

When looking for deeper understanding about your health and wellbeing, chakras are an important element not to be overlooked. Find out what chakras are, how imbalanced chakras can affect your life, and follow a simple visualisation to begin healing your chakras today.

What is a Chakra?

Chakras are spinning energy centres that regulate the flow of energy within your body. They receive incoming energy from your external environment, distribute energy within your body along energetic pathways, called nadis and transmit your energetic frequency out into the world through your aura.

There are 7 main chakras running in a line from the base of your spine to the top of your head, connected to each other through a central column of energy called the Sushumna. They are cone shaped vortices with the tip of the cone connecting to the central column along the spine. They extend in front of, and behind your body and through your aura.

Each chakra vibrates at a certain frequency and has a colour frequency to match. From the base of the spine to the crown of the head these 7 chakra colours run in a rainbow.

  • Red - Base Chakra - Base of spine

  • Orange - Sacral Chakra - Just below belly button

  • Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra - Below ribs

  • Green - Heart Chakra - Centre of chest

  • Blue - Throat Chakra - Base of throat

  • Purple - Third Eye Chakra - Between eyebrows

  • White - Crown Chakra - Top of head

It is equally common to see the colour Indigo for the Third Eye Chakra, and Violet for the Crown Chakra. It is personal preference which colour you choose to work with.

Their energetic location along the spine corresponds with major nerve bundles in our Nervous System, and the major glands of our Endocrine System. Each chakra governs a major gland and nearby organs, specific parts of the body, and has specific emotional aspects.

Though they are individual centres each with their own important function, they are also parts within a whole system, and need to be considered and dealt with as such. Just like your body has vital organs each performing their own specialist function, your organs are also part of a larger system that governs your state of health. Where one organ is unwell, others also begin to lose functionality, or overcompensate. Healing just one will not bring about total health, all need to be considered as a complete system in order for sustained healing to occur.

Each chakra has an important and specific function in our life. In this article I hope to give you an understanding of the importance of a healthy chakra system.

How Do Chakras Work?

As discussed in the What is Energy Healing? post, we are all made of energy and are interconnected with each other, and all life. The uniting factor is our universal life force energy. One of the ways we experience this interconnection is through our Chakra System. Energy is continuously being transmitted from everyone and everything. This includes from other people, animals, places, objects and thoughts. The energy is received from your external environment through your chakras, they then process the information and distribute it amongst the chakra system.

Have you ever had the feeling that someone was watching you, and when you turn around you see someone dart their eyes away? Have you ever felt someone enter a room - and even know who it is before looking up? What about when you just KNOW a person is lying to you? Ever get ’the creeps’ going to a certain place? What about when you get a ‘good vibe’ about a new person you’ve just met? These are all examples of how energy transmitted from your external environment reached your chakras, was processed and interpreted by your energy system.

Chakra System Health

A healthy chakra system looks bright, vibrant, balanced and unblocked. The central column is bright and clear of blockages. Each chakra spins freely at the same rate as the others, and all chakras are the same size and intensity of colour. A healthy, balanced chakra system leads to a healthy, balanced life.

For optimal health and wellbeing all chakras need to be the same healthy size and intensity, operating harmoniously with each other. Balanced chakras operate in synergy - that is, their function as a whole, healthy system is greater than each centre individually.

An unhealthy chakra system will have chakras of varying sizes, colour intensity and speed. Chakras may look small, dull, sluggish, warped or blocked. Or can be the opposite being far too large, spinning way too fast, compared to the others. An unhealthy, unbalanced chakra system leads to an unhealthy, unbalanced life.

An Unhealthy Chakra System

Each chakra governs a specific area of the body, so when a chakra becomes unhealthy you will notice physical ailments in that area. As well as your physical being, you will also notice issues arising in your mental; emotional; and spiritual layers of your being, that correspond to the unhealthy chakra centres.

In fact, the physical manifestation in your body or external world, (i.e. as experiences in your life) are the LAST places issues will arise. Whether you recognise it or not, you will have experienced issues in the mental, emotional and spiritual layers before the problem has become crystallised into your physical being or life experience.

Let’s look at an example of one unhealthy chakra to illustrate the concept. Let’s just say that you have a subconscious belief that “nobody listens to me, I can’t express myself”. Because these negative thought patterns are related to the emotional issues governed by the Throat Chakra (self-expression; truth; and communication), they will create an unhealthy Throat Chakra.

The physical areas governed by the Throat Chakra are: the throat; neck; thyroid gland; respiratory system; vocal chords and teeth, so you can expect problems to arise in these areas of the body when the Throat Chakra is out of balance. In your external world, you will begin to experience communication problems with those around you.

In our example there’s a problem at work... You think you have the perfect solution, but feel like nobody ever listens to you anyway, so you just keep quiet… And later that day your sister asks for your opinion, but you know that it usually offends her, so you say something that you think she’d rather hear… And your throat feels a bit scratchy today… And you reply to your friends text with “haha.” instead of “hahaha!” and she misinterprets your message to mean that it wasn’t actually funny. You try to explain that wasn’t what you meant but she’s still upset… The next day you ask your kids to put on their shoes but it’s like talking to a brick wall, and you silently scream “nobody ever listens to me!”… And you get a tickly cough, and your throat is feeling quite sore now, and your voice is getting hoarse… And then your husband leaves his wet towel on the floor and you’ve asked him a hundred times NOT to do this. You are too angry to speak and give him the silent treatment… And then you come home from work where you bravely tried to share your perfect solution to the problem, but you kept getting talked over, and you didn’t get to fully express your opinion… And the next day you wake up with a full-blown cold.

Did you notice in our example how the underlying negative thoughts and feelings were beginning to manifest in the physical body as well as in life experiences?

How Chakras Become Imbalanced

Problems arise when the energy cannot flow freely between all the chakras because of blocked, stagnant energy. These ‘blocks’ occur when trauma or recurring negative thoughts and beliefs accumulate in the chakras and energy pathways.

Using the example of the unhealthy Throat Chakra above, we can see that there are underlying thoughts along the lines of “nobody listens to me”. These issues correspond to the emotional side of the Throat Chakra so this is where they sit and get stuck, eventually blocking the flow of energy through this charka centre. Because of this block, energy is not able to flow fluidly between all chakras, and you will find that other chakras become unhealthy as they try to manage the lack of energy reaching them.

Chakra Healing

Reiki aims to clear your energy pathways, and balance and align all of your chakras, so that energy can flow freely between them and you can return to your natural state of health and wellbeing. We can heal our chakras through energy healing modalities such as Reiki, visualisation, sound, food, crystals, and activities such as yoga, tai chi and meditation.