The Truth About Happiness

Sometimes this playground called Earth can be a tough ride, but you have the power within you to move towards happiness. Read on to find out how you can shift your mood and energy to a higher vibe, and enjoy a guided meditation from my Guardian Angels.

We all experience times of pain and sadness, where things are tough, stress runs high and life feels hard. We can sense the heavy grey cloud above us, and can feel helpless as we spiral downwards - seemingly out of control. We don’t like to feel this way, and we wish things were different so that we would feel good again!

But the key to experiencing lasting happiness - as opposed to a momentary feeling of happiness - is realising that true happiness doesn’t come from external sources. It is independent of someone or something outside of you. It is a state of being, found within you.

If we desire to live in a steady state of happiness, we must realise that changing our outer world to THEN feel happy will only ever bring a temporary and conditional moment of happiness. These moments are certainly enjoyable, but you’ll find that you’re forever searching for the next thing that will ‘make’ you happy.

Uncovering your inherent happiness is worth the effort. You will be at peace, accepting yourself and whatever shows up for you. Your natural state of being will be one of happiness - woohoo! And because your natural state of being is happiness, the energetic signal that you send out into the world is happiness. What you put out, comes back to you, so you will effortlessly manifest more and more happy moments without even trying!

How Do We Find Lasting Happiness?

Moving into a more permanent state of happiness can feel like a far-fetched dream to a lot of people. But the truth is, happiness is within your grasp.

Taking steps in the direction of happiness, no matter how small they are, will inevitably get you there!

Here are some suggestions:

Tell a Different ‘Story’

You may have, or may now be going through a tough time with your health, relationships, finances, career etc. And while they are valid events in your life, creating valid feelings within you, you would do best not to identify with these events too much. Hanging onto labels such as ‘survivor’ or ‘victim’ will keep you from moving out of that place because your focus isn’t in the direction of happiness. Remember that these events and labels are not 'who you really are' so try not to let them define you.

Avoid Drama and Negativity

To the best of your ability avoid creating or getting involved in drama. This includes avoiding TV shows and movies that thrive on negativity. Sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by negative people. You don’t necessarily need to avoid these people, sometimes you just can’t, but you can disconnect your energy from them by not engaging in their negative talk. Loving and accepting yourself will help you stay positive in light of any negative talk towards you.

Love and Accept Yourself

A biggie. Accepting yourself for who you are and what you’ve done, or haven’t done, is a huge step towards happiness. Forgive yourself - you did the best that you could, from the place you were at. Be kind and loving to yourself, when you catch yourself in negative self-talk simply stop and say something loving instead! Your thoughts create your feelings, so if you want to ‘feel good’, you have to ‘think good’.

Honour Your Feelings

All feelings are valid and should be honoured, even the ‘negative’ ones. Feelings are your guidance system that let you know whether you are on your path to happiness. When feelings arise, accept them and express them in a safe way. This does’t mean exploding with rage at someone - instead you could talk to a trusted friend or counsellor, find emotional release through tears, creatively express it through art, write about it and explore it in a journal entry etc. Once it has been expressed you will move into a slightly better feeling, keep reaching for the best thought/feeling you can access in each moment.

Spend Quiet Time with Yourself

Time spent going within - either through meditation or something as simple as a relaxing bath, opens space for epiphanies and self-awareness to appear. You will get to know the ‘real’ you, the infinite you that is limitless, and with this comes peace, acceptance and happiness.

Living by Example

Let me share a recent experience of my own. Usually I am a very happy person, but for a number of reasons I was swept up in emotion and was feeling pretty down in the dumps. I was physically feeling ‘blah’ like I was beginning to come down with a cold, and emotionally I felt disappointed; fed up; heartbroken and grief stricken - quite a list! Over a period of days I was spiralling lower and lower and knew this wasn’t how I wanted to express the real, infinite, limitless me. I had to change direction.

Recognising that I am 100% responsible for my thoughts and the way I feel, I took some action - I turned my attention inwards! When I turned within, my self-talk and ‘story’ changed, and so did my perspective. I saw how dwelling on loss wasn’t helping me remember the joy that came before it. I saw the painful life events and the illness I was experiencing were merely the mirror of my own internal world.

I acknowledged honestly how I was feeling. Rather than shy away from the shadows within, I greeted them with self-love and acknowledged their presence giving them space to move on. I realised that just like a nightmare, they were there showing me something I didn’t want to see about myself. Once I’d seen them and they’d shared their message with me, they could leave.

I then relaxed in a hot bath with sea salt, lavender oil, candles, a selection of my favourite crystals, and the support of my Angels. My intention was to release my feelings safely and move into a better feeling emotion. This act of self-love provided much needed love, healing and rest. The combined effect was complete relaxation of my body, mind and soul.

  • Taking quiet time for myself showed self-love and honoured my needs. It offered time for introspection and opened space for epiphanies.

  • Lavender is a wonderful oil to relax the body and mind, relieving anxiety and stress. Aromatherapy heals the Emotional Body of the aura, and the Sacral Chakra - the chakra that governs our feelings. Essential oils aren’t just sweet smelling, they have therapeutic properties and should be used with caution. There are some situations where certain oils should be avoided. For professional advice you can contact a NZ Registered Holistic Aromatherapist.

  • Sea Salt is excellent at cleansing the aura and drawing toxins out of the body. Make sure to drink plenty of water after your bath to aide the detox and to rehydrate.

  • I chose Smoky Quartz and Rose Quartz crystals to surround my bath. Smoky Quartz for detoxification and protection, Rose Quartz for unconditional love.

  • Candles represent spiritual light for me. They created ambience for deep relaxation allowing inspiration to find me, and for my body to self-heal.

  • Asking my Angels to support me reminded me that I’m not alone in all of this. They are only too willing to help us when we ask and indeed they did. They guided me through an inspirational meditation that I will share with you here.

As I climbed out of the bath I felt significantly better. The spark of hope and enthusiasm had returned! My vibration had been raised and I felt deep gratitude for these loving angelic beings who were so willing to help me. My problems had not magically disappeared, but the way I looked and felt about them had changed. Although I didn’t immediately feel blissfully and joyfully happy, I’d gained enough momentum in the ‘feel good’ end of the spectrum to know that I had course-corrected and was heading in the direction of happiness.

I hope that sharing my experience with you inspires you to look at things differently, and perhaps make some positive changes. Being happy is your birthright and you really do have the power to live in this state if you choose it.

If you'd like personal help with improving your wellbeing, you can contact me here.

With love and gratitude,