You heal yourself, and the diseases of others, and increase your own happiness and that of others. That is the mission of the Usui Reiki Ryoho.

Mikao Usui - Founder of Reiki

Reiki Level 1: Shoden

Creative Healing, Wattle Downs, Auckland
Sunday 25 July, 9:30am - 4:00pm

I love teaching Reiki because I love helping people understand who they are, and why they're here. Reiki practices give you direct experience of your True Self, bringing you clarity and illuminating your path - this is true healing! 


Practicing Reiki helps you stay in alignment with who you really are, and why you're here. As someone who wants to help lightworkers and change-makers step fully into their power and purpose, this is one aspect of Reiki that I absolutely love!

Reiki Level 1: Shoden

Shoden is Japanese for "first teachings". This is the first level of training in the system of Reiki, and it creates a solid foundation for subsequent Reiki levels to build upon. This level of training allows you to practice Reiki on yourself, your family and friends.


During this course you will be initiated into the Reiki community and introduced to the essential elements that comprise the system of Reiki. You'll practice healing and meditation techniques to help you connect to your true self. You'll learn to sense and enhance Reiki flow, and how to use the loving energy of Reiki to heal yourself and others - including plants and animals!


Working together we elevate your understanding of Reiki beyond intellectual knowledge by giving you direct experience with meditation practices and healing techniques. My classes create a supportive, trusting environment that gives you the confidence to practice your new Reiki skills with fellow students.

It is my intention that through this class you are able to understand the core teachings and confidently perform Reiki Healing for yourself and others. But even more than this, that you are filled with a sense of curiosity and awaken to the possibility of knowing yourself at a deeper level through Reiki and it's meditation practices.

I'm excited for you to walk with Reiki, and as it begins to fill your heart I hope you fall in love with it.

Course Design

The course is well rounded, providing Reiki theory, practical application of techniques and self-reflection.

Coming together for the day provides the practical aspect of the course in a safe and supportive environment. Throughout our day together you will:

  • Be initiated into Reiki, and share in the initiation experience of the group.

  • Experience the energy of Reiki and become aware of what this feels like for you.

  • Practice techniques that help you sense the energy of others.

  • Have the opportunity to play fun energy games to better understand your intuitive senses.

  • Learn and practice a variety of Meditation techniques specific to Reiki.

  • Learn and practice a variety of Healing techniques specific to Reiki.

  • Meet some very interesting individuals on their journey with Reiki too!

The other aspect of this course is more intellectual and is completed in your own time, prior to and after our day together. This part of the course involves:

  • Reading Part A of the Reiki manual (before the course) and developing a personal understanding about what Reiki means to you.

  • Spending time in quiet reflection answering some questions.

  • Reading Part B of the Reiki manual (after the course) and considering how you can incorporate Reiki into your daily life.

  • Spending more time in quiet reflection answering questions.

  • Putting into practice the meditation and healing techniques you have learned.

  • Keeping a journal of your practice sessions.

Liz T, New Zealand

Charisse has a wealth of knowledge and explains it in a way that is easy to understand. Since completing my Reiki Level 1 training, I feel energised and stronger in my power. I feel more authentic and I think it will help me deal with self-doubt. I feel more compassionate about myself and others. I feel like I can help others which brings more purpose to my life, I love it!


It is my intention that upon completion of this Shoden Reiki Level 1 course that you:


  • Awaken the healer within.

  • Understand the core teachings and confidently perform Reiki Healing for yourself and others.

  • Develop a sense of optimism, curiosity and awakening to the possibility of knowing yourself at a deeper level.

  • See the 5 Reiki Precepts as a way of life, that when embodied will truly help you to live from a place of peace, love and authenticity.

  • Sense your divine gifts awakening.

  • Develop trust in yourself and Reiki, as you experience it working effortlessly.

  • Feel motivated and inspired to practice Reiki meditations every day as a way to support self-discovery, heal yourself, strengthen your connection to Reiki, and allow your other divine gifts to flourish.


Upon completion of the course, you will be able to perform Reiki Healing on yourself, family and friends as a Reiki Practitioner. You will graduate with a Shoden Reiki Level 1 certificate and receive an in-depth training manual that covers everything you need to know.


Continuing from the course, your goal is to nourish the Reiki seeds that have been planted. Water these seeds by integrating the principles and practices into your daily life.


After some time as the seeds begin to sprout, you may feel the call of Reiki in your heart and seek to deepen your understanding and refine your practice.


Like a rose, compassion has naturally unfolded from your heart, and you wish to ease the suffering of others in a more profound way. Your Reiki journey continues to the next level...

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