Distance Reiki Healing

  • 49 New Zealand dollars
  • Zoom - Online Session


The divine intelligence of Reiki is infinitely vast and isn't limited by time or space. Reiki is spiritual energy that is the essence of everyone and everything. This unconditional love at the core of everything is what unifies and connects us all, allowing healing to occur from anywhere. Receiving Distance Healing is just as transformative as receiving Reiki in-person, and is an excellent option to consider if: • Covid-19 has resulted in restricted social interactions. • You find physical movement difficult. • You are in hospital. • Before, during or after surgery. • You live outside of Auckland. • You live or vacation in another country. • Your time is limited. • You'd like multiple healing sessions. • You are out of town for a stressful work event. • You want to pamper yourself from your holiday home. Reiki is loving, spiritual energy that gently supports the healing of your whole being - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The unconditional love of Reiki promotes feelings of calmness, wholeness, balance and clarity as it flows through your energetic pathways and centres. While the deep relaxation that Reiki induces, creates the ideal environment for your body's natural self-repair mechanisms to activate. ​ As a holistic form of hands-on healing Reiki is completely non-invasive. It encourages deep relaxation, self-awareness and healing. ​Healing means 'to make whole'. This means unifying your mind, body and soul. Because Reiki is the spiritual energy that makes up the entire universe, and is the essence of who you are, it is the unifying factor that will bring you into alignment. Receiving Reiki regularly will flush your energy pathways and centres clear with divine, loving, spiritual energy. The frequent influx of Reiki energy not only supports your physical and energetic health, but it helps you to stay in alignment with who you really are, and why you're here. As someone who wants to help you step fully into your power and purpose, this is one aspect of Reiki that I absolutely love! Your Distance Reiki Session: At your scheduled time I'll call you on Zoom and we'll discuss your needs. I'll then send you Reiki from my healing room while you relax in the comfort of your own healing space. After the session we talk about your experience and answer any questions you have. Please allow 30 minutes for your Distance Reiki Healing session.