Reiki Healing Multi-Buy

  • 247 New Zealand dollars
  • 31 Stranraer Crescent, Auckland


Immerse yourself in the experience and give yourself fully to relaxation and rejuvenation with regular In-Person Intuitive Reiki Healing sessions. This multi-buy includes: • 3x 1hr in-person Intuitive Reiki Healing Sessions, discounted for your benefit. • VALUE $297 . SAVE $50 Reiki stimulates your Relaxation Response, allowing your body to release stress and settle into rest and repair mode. By creating space for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body to heal you'll feel more resilient to stress, more energised and creative, and have more patience and compassion. Not only will you feel better, but those around you will feel the effects too! Experiencing regular Reiki Healing is the most effective way to kick-start your healing journey and support your personal transformation. As your energy transforms and your life begins to change, you will appreciate the support that meeting regularly provides. People often receive Reiki when they'd like to experience: • A deeper connection to their spiritual nature. • Feeling held in unconditional love. • A feeling of unity with a higher power. • A moment of serenity allowing clarity to arise. • Energy pathways and centres that are clear, charged and balanced. • Reduced levels of stress and a greater sense of calm. • Reduced levels of anxiety and a greater sense of peace. • A great night's sleep, waking up refreshed. • Replenished energy levels with a sense of vitality. • An enhanced sense of wellbeing and happiness. Experiencing Reiki for yourself is the best way to come to your own understanding of what it is and how it supports you. Please allow 60 minutes for your Intuitive Reiki Healing sessions.