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Reiki Level 3a Shinpiden

  • 497 New Zealand dollars
  • 31 Stranraer Crescent, Auckland


The Reiki fire that burns brightly in your heart has carried you this far, welcome to Shinpiden the mystery teachings of Reiki. Reiki Level 3 training is often split into two degrees. Upon completion of level 3a you become a Reiki Master Practitioner - your practice is intensified but you are not yet qualified to teach Reiki. If you want to continue on to teach others you must complete level 3b. At this stage I only offer Reiki 3a Master Practitioner training. ​If you have studied with a previous teacher and wish to take a Creative Healing class, you are very welcome to join us! Please get in touch with me to discuss your options. Shinpiden is Japanese for "mystery teachings". This level of training takes your Reiki knowledge, skills and attitudes even deeper. At this level you are walking with Reiki as a way of life and you just can't get enough of it! You attain Reiki Master Practitioner status upon completion of this level. Being initiated into this level of Reiki you are introduced to the fourth scared Reiki symbol and sound. You learn how to draw it, how to pronounce it and when to use it. You learn further healing and meditation techniques that will enhance your Reiki practice. Practicing your new Reiki skills with the other class participants grounds your learning. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to perform Reiki Healing at a professional level, taking clients as a Reiki Master Practitioner. You will graduate with a Shinpiden Reiki Level 3a certificate and receive an in-depth training manual that covers everything you need to know. You will receive your Reiki Manual in a Welcome Pack about a week before the event. Keep an eye on your Inbox and make sure to add to your safe list! Prerequisites: • Reiki Level 2 Okuden certification. • Documentation of your daily personal practice. • Documentation of at least 12 case studies. • Documentation of at least 6 distance healing sessions.